Ora Health & Wellness is a publication dedicated to positively influencing the wellbeing of young New Zealanders – providing essential practices and tools in all areas of health.

  • Who are we?

Ora Health & Wellness was originally founded by Vic Smith, an Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse from Mount Maunganui.

Working as a Registered Nurse in Acute and Intensive Units for the past 6 years, she found herself face to face with countless cases of self-harm, attempted suicide, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and anxiety related admissions.

It become increasingly clear to Vic the magnitude and severity of the gap in our health care system, after patients, whanau, families and friends left the hospital system asking, “What am I supposed to do next?”

  • How do we help?

After discovering minimal reliable resources to available that promote a holistic and positive approach to health and wellbeing, in August 2018, Vic and her team created Ora Health & Wellness Magazine, an independently published social enterprise that aims to promote the health and wellbeing of young New Zealanders.

“We are the only publication to promote all areas of health and wellbeing, connecting with experts and creatives across New Zealand and the globe, we have created a resource promoting positive wellbeing, tips and tools for all New Zealanders.”

“She is your resource. Your trusty coffee table book. The guide you gift to a friend in need.

The pages you flick through when you’re looking for that helping hand.”

  • What’s coming up?

With a steadily growing passionate team, Ora Health & Wellness launched their first issue – Sustainability – on the 1st March 2019.

Each issue of Ora Health & Wellness follows a virtue for maintaining positive health and wellness, and the content from our contributors aligns with four essential aspects of wellbeing:

  • Mind

  • Body

  • Love

  • Land

With these four primary aspects and a positive outlook on health and wellness, we can all support areas of our mental, physical, social and environmental wellbeing, and build strong foundations for your health and wellness for years to come.

Please Note: We love hearing from likeminded businesses and brands – if you are interested in contributing, distributing, wholesaling, or aligning with Ora Health & Wellness – get in touch! Email us at hello@oramagazine.co.nz