Hayat Coaching

"I am Hayat, born and raised in The Netherlands and moved to New Zealand after living in Canada, South Africa and Australia. Traveling has taught me some powerful lessons and has helped me on my own pursuit to live a more fulfilling and exciting life, free of past trauma.

I’m a Certified NLP coach and practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapist. I also hold a Bachelor degree in Human Resources Management.

What is Life Coaching

Athletes no matter how well they perform or how high they rank, they still have a coach. Why? Because a coach helps you to reach within to bring out the best in you. Coaches can pick up on the subtle things, you had never even thought about. A life coach is there to support you!

We ask the right questions, so you gain a better understanding of yourself and your goals. Once your goals become clear we guide, support and help you achieve them. We hold you accountable, which helps you push yourself further every. single. time."