Honest Goods

Be good. Do good. Eat good. Feel good.

Honest Goods are a small business with a big passion for creating healthy products that nourish the body naturally, whilst being cruelty free and environmentally friendly too. Founded by Seth, a self-confessed coffee connoisseur and rugby fanatic,  and Megan, a plant obsessed, herbal tea drinking health nut, and who jointly share an absolute love for dogs, the dynamic duo also happen to be the master brewers of Ahi Cider. Sure to get your tastebuds into gear as well as your insides, Ahi Cider is an apple cider vinegar based herbal powerhouse inspired by a traditional digestive aid and immune-supporting brew. All their Ahi Cider tonics are handmade in small batches and you can bet your sweet cheeks it’s made only with good stuff. With 3 different tonics to choose from and 60 serves in a bottle, you simply pop a teaspoonful into your morning lemon water, juice or favourite smoothie for extra gut loving goodness. Hooray! Grab a bottle on their website or check out their growing list of stockists to find your nearest outlet. And as their motto goes, Be good. Do good. Eat good. Feel good.

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