Pepa Stationery

"Once upon a time, a letterbox was a harbinger of greetings, well wishes, and exciting stories from far away friends - not the filing cabinet for unopened demands on your bank account and super deals on groceries that it is today.

At Pepa, we're all about making your letterbox the happy place it once was. And while we're at it, we want to help you slow down, relax, and remember what it was like to brighten someone's day with a hand-written note on a beautiful card. Hell, maybe to help you do it for the first time!

Our IRL store is brimming with every piece of stationery you could ever hope to covet. And if you're looking for a gift, our "Present-to-Post" service means we'll not only wrap your gift with your chosen paper and ribbon, but we'll mail it for you too!"