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Kirsten Foote

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Laura Tuck

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Date Published
6th July 2019



How Fusion Print Are Being ‘Green’ In A Traditionally Dirty Industry…

Finding  a sustainable printing company was high on the agenda when first planning the launch of  Ora Health & Wellness.

We searched high and low to find a printing business that not only aligned with our values, but also held the wellbeing of our environment and community close to its heart. We were fortunate enough to find the perfect fit just over the Kaimai Range – Fusion Print.

We sat down for a chat with the Fusion team about their unique business model and their journey towards sustainability…

“In 2008, two Waikato-based print companies, Fast Print and John Walker Print, joined forces to create Fusion Print,” explains Fusion Environmental Manager Kirsten Foote. “Before the merge, John Walker Print was Enviro-Mark gold certified, and with the combined expertise of both companies, Fusion Print was determined to carry on along the path of sustainable business and environmentally friendly print products.”
Enviro-Mark Diamond certification was the ultimate goal, and in 2010, Fusion Print became the first print company in the Waikato to reach this pinnacle of environmental achievement.

“Being ‘green’ in a traditionally dirty industry wasn’t always easy, but sustainability has always been important to us, and is a huge part of Fusion Print’s identity.”

“Being ‘green’ in a traditionally dirty industry wasn’t always easy, but sustainability has always been important to us, and is a huge part of Fusion Print’s identity,” says Kirsten. “Taking on the role of Environmental Manager in 2010 and achieving Enviro-Mark Diamond certification was hugely exciting, but the work didn’t stop there. Maintaining an effective environmental management system meant annual audits, constant monitoring and measurement, and striving for continual improvement. In 2017, we transitioned to using the ISO 14001 certification, to ensure our credentials were internationally recognised. Since then, we’ve also become FSC and PEFC certified, and can offer carboNZero print through our parent company, Soar Print.  

 “I think a lot of people will read this and think ‘what does it all really mean?’ Environmental consciousness is certainly fashionable, but how do consumers know that what they’re getting is the real deal? First of all,  external certification is very important. Being audited and then certified by an external party proves that a company is practising what they preach. Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Question your suppliers, or the places you buy from. Ask what they’re doing to promote sustainability, and how they do it. Ask them to give you advice on more environmentally friendly options.”

Fusion is certainly leading by example and has done some great things on its sustainability mission, from making huge reductions in fuel use and waste to landfill, to making investments in technology that reduce electricity, water and resource use.

“For me, it’s the little things that start big change,” Kirsten explains. “We recently started getting our milk delivered in glass bottles to cut out another source of plastic waste from our business. This has had a flow on effect – a number of our staff members have also now made the switch! Putting our food waste into bokashi has also inspired staff to start composting at home.”

The team has also hosted tree planting days, where staff have the opportunity to take the morning off work and plant native trees at restoration projects around Hamilton.

“It’s really exciting to see that the way we do business has created a culture of environmental responsibility amongst our team,” she says. “This year, we’re focussing on introducing more waste-free and low-waste products. There are some really innovative new products hitting the market which are a cost effective and high quality alternative to traditional single use products. If you’d like to chat more about how we can provide you with eco-friendly print, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!”


Fusion Print are proud sponsors of Issue 02 and Issue 03 of Ora Health & Wellness.

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