Interview With
Leo Murray of Why Waste

Date Published
20th September 2019


Sustainability consultant. Change maker. Activist. Teacher. Vibe architect. DJ.

Leo Murray goes by many names, and rightly so – he’s earned them. We sat down with the founder of Why Waste to learn more about climate change, permaculture and how to create a world worth saving.

With the rate of ‘climate anxiety’ increasing, Leo share with us three simple yet effective things we can do to make a small yet positive change…

Find a place in the world that you love and care for it.

Taking action might mean a big clean up, starting a restoration project or joining an advocacy group.


Build a bigger table, not a higher fence.

Compassion, community building and co-operation are the building blocks of every worthwhile solution.

Think global, act local.

Create socio-ecological resiliency in your own community. It’s easier on the planet to make a life that doesn’t require holidays.

Photography By Jordan Reid of J. Photo & Co.

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