Interview With
Hannah Duder of Indigo & Iris

Date Published
4th June 2019


Indigo & Iris are a Christchurch based social enterprise and cosmetic company…

Set out to create a “beauty brand that gives a damn” and to challenge the status quo of standard business models, we chat with company CEO Hannah Duder about how we can be more conscious with our cosmetic purchases to make a positive impact…


Hannah’s top 5 tips for becoming a more conscious consumer of cosmetic products:

1. Look into a brand and what it really stands for. What are its morals based around? What are its company goals?

2. Educate yourself on label and ingredients reading.

3. Be aware of where your money is going and if that’s a company or ideal you want to support.


4. Understand your power as a consumer and how your vote can help ethical small businesses or social enterprise.


5. Look to change your own business model for the better.


Photography By Jordan Reid of J. Photo & Co.

For more information on Hannah Duder and Indigo & Iris visit or check out Issue 02 of Ora Health & Wellness