Reducing Your Waste

Written By
Victora Smith

Interview With
Katie Hine
Zero Below

Date Published
13th Dec 2018

We recently caught up with zero waste queen Katie Hine of Zero Below by Katie to discuss the zero waste movement, how reducing your waste can actually be fun and where is the best place to kick things off.

“I had always thought that I was living consciously and sustainably, but I guess I had never put waste and sustainability together. It made me realise that there was a lot more I could be doing in my own life.”

She started with her own personal waste audit, to understand exactly what waste she was producing so she could better understand how this could be reduced.

Why should I do a waste audit?

“ A personal waste audit is the best way to track our consumption patterns, find exactly how much waste you are producing, and to further identify the exact areas you can stop making trash”.

Where do I start?

“Firstly, select how long your going to audit your waste for, I recommend two weeks but it can be longer up to a month if you want

Then collect all you waste over that two week period, living as you usually would, and storing it cleaned in boxes.

At the end of the two weeks, or selected period of time, it’s time to tally up! I suggest lay your trash somewhere where you can spread it out to fully comprehend the how much and what is there.

Once this is done, separate, count and record your findings. Start with headings such as plastic, metal, glass, and paper to make it easy to categorise each item.

Finally, examine your findings. Look at what item used the most waste and think about what alternatives could you use for this item?”

When thinking of alternatives Katies suggests asking yourself:

  • Do I need this?

  • Can I reduce the quantity I buy monthly?

  • Can I replace this with something else that is in 100% recyclable packaging?

  • Can I buy this is bulk?

  • Can I swap it for something biodegradable?

  • Can I buy this locally instead of imported?

  • Can I find a reusable option which will last longer?

For more zero waste tips from Katie, check her out at Zero Below by Katie, or sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye out for her full interview coming out in our Autumn Issue of Ora Health & Wellness.

Photography By Jordan Reid