The Essentials of Mental Wellness

Written By
Victora Smith

Interview With
Sam O’Sullivan
Founder of Tough Talk NZ

Date Published
13th Dec 2018

Sam O’Sullivan is the founder of Tough Talk NZ, a community raising awareness and creating the discussion around men’s mental health and the tools we all need for mental wellness. We recently caught up with Sam to discuss the biggest issues facing our mental wellness and some of the best tools both men and women need for positive mental wellbeing.

1: Just breath.

One of the first and best step Sam says is learning to focus on your breath. He suggests, when feeling in a sense of panic or unable to focus your attention, try taking deep breaths into your diaphragm, focussing on the cool air coming in and out, and how your body is feeling.

2: Find a practice that works for you.

Whether it’s yoga, mindfulness, or another activity. A practice that gives you space and allows you to be in the moment and feel peaceful, often outdoors or in nature.

3: Follow your purpose.

It’s doesn’t mean to quit your job, but do something that gives you purpose, something that brings you joy, and make time for it.

4: Find your people.

Make sure you put some time into finding a sense of community, a sense of place within a wide group of people.

5: Be playful, and have fun.

Make sure you do something that’s just silly, and gets you into that frame of mind, let the inner child come out. Because often it’s not gone, it’s just repressed.

6: Make space to allow emotions to surface.

To grieve, to be sad, to express anger, safely with people you trust, and in an environment that’s private and safe.

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