Written By
Hannah Crerar

Editted By
Victoria Smith

Date Published
20th March 2019


In our recent Sustainability Edition of Ora Health & Wellness, we sat down for a chat with Hannah Crerar, founder of Hannah Yoga and Soul, and passionate about helping Kiwis heal their mind and body through yoga and other soulfill practices.


“The underlying purpose of all my work is healing – and healing from a very holistic perspective. Since day one, I’ve been fascinated by (and passionate about) the connection between body, mind and soul. Yoga facilitates this connection really well, but I’m personally working to find new ways to work with the body and mind for a holistic healing experience.”


She shares with us a few of the core principles for keeping positive on the daily…


1: POSTURE – A straight spine creates instant mental clarity, free flow of breath and energy.


2: SMILING – Causes a release of neuropeptides, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which work to fight off stress.


3: DEEP BREATHING – Calms and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When the body is calm it can do all the healing it needs to do.


4: MOVEMENT – To shift something mentally, a physical shift is very useful.

5: THE SENSES – One of the quickest ways to get present is to tune into the five senses.


6: CONNECTION – We’re hardwired to connect – to see and be seen, to listen and be heard, to feel and be felt. Connection with others is so important and the more personal contact, the better.


7: GRATITUDE – An attitude of gratitude will automatically give you something to feel joyful about – no matter how small.


8: AFFIRMATIONS – Repetition of positive statements and thoughts help train the brain and re-programme belief systems. You truly are worthy and loveable so repeat this to yourself until believe it.

9: GIVING – There are people out there who need exactly what you have to offer. Giving is certainly not limited to money and material objects. Give your time, your concern and your stories.


10: RECEIVING – Sometimes this can be tricky, particularly if you’ve grown up learning to block compliments, praise or help from others. Receiving allows the giver to feel they’ve fulfilled a purpose, and allows you to recognise you’re worthy of receiving.


11: MEDITATION – Getting centred or into a meditative/flow state is incredibly healing. If you can find some creative outlet to become so involved, you’ll find the outside noise and ego falls away, and you’re able to touch base with the most authentic part of yourself.


12: REFLECTION – Take time to focus on how you’ve evolved overtime. Sometimes we have to pause and take stock of everything to get clear on how to show up in the next phase of our life.


For our full interview with Hannah, check out our Sustainability Issue available now.





Photography Supplied By Hannah Yoga & Soul